For this last remaining public vacant property along the Intracoastal waterfront adjacent to Downtown, Fitzsimons provided Conceptualization, Research, Programming, Planning, Presentations, Visioning sessions, Community Outreach, Advocacy and City Council Recommendations.  She founded 'Boca Raton's 2020 Vision', a community driven visionary leadership team to collaborate in shaping a 21st century vision for a flourishing downtown, this new, urban waterfront park, its connection to a network of parks, plazas and walking streets, as well as arts, civic & other special public spaces throughout the City, and continues to collaborate with leaders and residents throughout the community.


The Downtown Waterfront & Downtown Masterplan Proposals


City of

Boca Raton, Florida


Collaborated with a team of architects, planners and engineers to plan a new college campus in an undeveloped desert area near Cairo to satisfy the growing needs of this educational institution.  Responsible for translating the University’s program into the campus design and developed space use strategies for all facilities. Provided test-fits, prototypical space plans, and advised on floor plate sizes, configurations and building square footages for buildings ranging from indoor/ outdoor classrooms, offices, library, student center, cafeteria, auditorium, and various support buildings. Collaborated on contextual design and integrated sustainable concepts through clustering buildings, zoning space & responsible materials. (with RTKL)


Urban Planning, Sustainable Design, Integration of Building/Interiors


Cairo, Egypt



In the conceptual urban plan and architectural design for LACMA's new contemporary wing, the design challenged the conventional museum box through the introduction of a biomorphic, spiraling building that strives to connect LACMA east and west with dynamic forms that unite interior and exterior spaces of the existing buildings, parking, and landscape elements. A series of overlapping layers reveal art along a rising internal path that becomes an experiential art journey. Solid walls rise to envelope the art and guide the viewer, while the roof canopies float above, admitting changing patterns of northern light through a filtered glass in the ceiling. Collectively these elements synchronize into an interdependent conchal system; both structural and environmentally responsive. (Thesis, conceptual)


Urban Plan & New Art Complex Design


Los Angeles, California




This K-12 conceptual masterplan addressed a steep site built to full capacity atop the highest land elevation in the Palos Verdes Peninsula, fulfilling a challenge to add new buildings where little open space remained. With the intent to preserve open green space, Fitzsimons proposed buildings that cantilevered out over the steep down slope topography surrounding the site, carefully perched to minimize impact to the natural environment. The masterplan incorporated water retention ponds interconnected by cascading streams and an intertwining nature trail that unites the upper and lower campus. A new high school incorporated a planted roof top garden for science classes, and outdoor classrooms which terraced down the central courtyard of the V- shaped building, connecting students and staff to the surrounding landscape and Pacific Ocean beyond.


Urban Plan and New High School buildings



Palos Verdes, California



To introduce viable educational facilities into small communities in Africa, Fitzsimons conceived a  Village Masterplan focused around a new, fresh water source, an open air ampitheater, and a collection of pre-fab classrooms, together uniting the community around a center of learning and prosperity.  Incorporating methods of Biophilic design, the masterplan took on a Fibonacci inspired spiral, radiating from the water tower and ampitheater at its central heart, to the surrounding classrooms and learning gardens beyond.  The pre-fab concept utilizes shipping containers as their core, and the water tower and gardens provide learning opportunities, as well as basic human resources of food and water, creating a beacon of hope for the children and the community.   


Urban Planning, Architectural Design, Biophilic Design/Sustainability


Tanzania, Africa